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Big events of CoSoft

In Sept. 2004, with the strong support of National 863 Program special major software projects and National 863 Program computer software and hardware subject, the opening ceremony for “2004’ China Open Source Contest” sponsored by CoSoft was held in Beijing.

Oct. 2003~July 2004, the open source base independently developed by CoSoft was included into National 863 Program special software incubator technology supporting system and was installed in 863 software incubators all over the country;

In Dec. 2003, “Seminar on OSS Legal Issues and Countermeasures” jointly sponsored by IRP Center of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and CoSoft was held in Beijing;

In Oct. 2003, CoSoft was formally granted and put on records by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs with a formal name as Co-Create Software Branch of China Software Industry Association;

In Sept. 2003, “Seminar on Domestic Development of OSS”, organized by CoSoft, was held in Beijing;

In July 2003, CoSoft took part in Linux “1+1+1” project funded by Beijing Science and Technology Commission and was engaged in training a great number of OSS talents;

In July 2003, CoSoft was formally put under the centralized management of Torch Center of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and mechanism transition was completed;

In April 2003, CoSoft together with Xinhua Linux. invited Mr. Brain Behlendorf of Apache’s founder to give lectures in Graduate School of CAS;

In Nov. 2002, CN-JAVA community joined in CoSoft to jointly promote the development of OSS in China;
In Dec. 2002, “http://www.cn-java.com” formally became a member web site of CoSoft. This further drove related OSS communities joining in CoSoft;
From Jan to June of 2002, CoSoft successively was involved in some major projects funded by Beijing Science and Technology Commission, such as “Project SET SAIL”, “Project SAILING”, “Beijing Software Industry Base Common Technology Support System”;

In May 2002, CoSoft together with SUN Chinese Academy of Engineering invited Mozilla’s global core developers ASA to give technical lectures in Beijing;

From April to August 2002, CoSoft gave presentations in more than 20 universities and colleges to popularize OSS concept;

In Feb 2002, CoSoft organized and held “Seminar on the Development of Open Source, Free Software and Chinese Software Industry”, and completed the research report of Further Discussions on OSS Software and GPL, and caused attentions of high authorities;

In Sept 2001, the 2nd session of the first CoSoft Council was held;

In Feb 2001, CoSoft published Co-Create Software, the first professional magazine on OSS in IT industry;

In Jan 2001, guided by 863 Program, CoSoft successfully developed embedded operating system CC-Linux with dinky kernel, powerful functions and strong compatibility;

In Dec. 2000, CoSoft successfully set up the first testing and evaluation laboratory against push-in type OSS, and launched first check before acceptance of 863 Program-related projects;

In Nov. 2000, CoSoft successfully held the first OSS development strategy seminar;

In Feb. 2000, the 1st session of the 1st CoSoft Council was held;

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