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CoSoft software licensing rules
(20th of April 2003, 2.1 version)

Chapter 1 Paraphrase

1.1 In this Rules, unless indicated otherwise in the context, the following abbreviations specifically mean:

       Abbreviation      Full name
       Licensing rules     Co-Create Software League licensing rules
       Licenses         Co-Create Software League licenses
       The League software   Co-Create Software League software
       Owner          Copyright owner for the League software

1.2 Copyright owner for the League software. The owner is the affirmant to published version of this software. Owners must be the legal juridical persons (groups and individuals included) within the People's Republic of China. Ways to establish the positions of owners usually include:
  * author of this software, or;
  * successor publicly declared via Co-Create Software League by the former owner of this software copyright, or;
  * trustee or guard for software with no copyright owners elected via voting by members of Co-Create Software League.

1.3 Publishing sphere for the League software. It refers to the publishing sphere stipulated in the license for the copyright owner of the League software.

1.4 The League software. The League software refers to software which is applied to Co-Create Software League for registration by the owner and the owner would at the same time submit related integrated source code, complete documentation and formal license copy, publish on the League's web site pursuant to "Co-Create Software League Software License" after being affirmed by Co-Create Software League.

Chapter 2 Co-Create Software League licensing rules

2.1 Co-Create Software League software licensing rules are principles which must be followed when working out Co-Create Software League licenses. The explanations of these principles can be found in the following Articles of this Chapter.

2.2 The publishing sphere for League software stipulated in the license must be user groups who are significantly existent.

2.3 Within sphere defined by license, the license cannot restrict any group in this sphere from selling or publishing this software in this sphere as one component of certain integrated software packages. This integrated software packages may contain a few programs of different sources. The license cannot ask for collecting license expense or other expenses as to such selling.

2.4 The license must promise open source code, must allow the published version containing program source code other than compiled code. In case the source code is excluded when a product is being published in certain way, users must be notified strikingly as to how to download the source code freely via Internet. The source code must be provided in ways programmers have priorities to select when they are modifying programs. Deliberate disarranging the source code is unwarrantable. Taking intermediate modes like preprocessing programs or TLR as the source code is unwarrantable too.

2.5 License must allow modified or derivative programs, must allow them being published based on the same licenses for initial software.

2.6 License allows the request for users to markedly declare the copyright owner for the League software, name of programmer and date of design completion when they are publishing, applying and modifying this software.

2.7 Only when license allows publishing "patch file"(this "patch file" aims at modifications to programs when being established) simultaneously with the source code, license can restrict publishing of modified source code. License must explicitly allow publishing of programs generated from modified source code. License may request the derivative production with a different name or different version number so as to differentiate it from the original software.

2.8 Within the designated publishing sphere of license, rights endowed with by this League software license must automatically be applicable to all users of this software, needless to otherwise carry out license signing procedures.

2.9 In case the League software is part of certain special published version, then concomitant rights on this software must be independent of this published version. In case this software were to be picked from this published version, application or publishing of this software shall continue to use the license for this software.

2.10 License cannot restrict other software published accompanying this League software. For example, license cannot request all the other software published together with it to be open source code.

Chapter 3 Contradictions, equivalence, expanded effectiveness and restricted effectiveness as to CoSoft licenses

3.1 licenses in contradiction with this Licensing Rules cannot become Co-Create Software League license, whereas software licenses coherent with Co-Create Software League licensing rules can be regarded as Co-Create Software League licenses.

3.2 GNU GPL、LGPL、BSD、MPL、QPL、X Consortium、Artistic and Public Domain licenses are regarded as licenses coherent with this League Licensing Rules. They can be regarded as Co-Create Software League licenses.

3.3 Copyright owner of the League software may design special needed Co-Create Software League license pursuant to requirements in the Licensing Rules.

3.4 Copyright owner of the League software specially related to information security may design special needed Co-Create Software League license pursuant to requirements in the Licensing Rules. Where governmental regulations are involved, security source code and file data may not be open.

Chapter 4 Liabilities 

4.1 Software copyright owners and publishers are not entitled to provide users with technical support or quality guarantee. When users need technical support or quality guarantee, they should pay the author of the program or publisher of the software technical service fee.
The rate of technical service fee should be mapped out referring to standards published by CoSoft or based upon practical situation.

4.2 Whether certain license can be taken as CoSoft license, it is up to CoSoft.

4.3 In case contradictions occur on understanding of the League license in application, parties involved may apply for CoSoft to organize experts to mediate. In case mediation fails, solutions shall be found through legal proceedings.

4.4 The rights to interpret these Licensing Rules shall remain with Co-Create Software League.

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