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    共有 14 个源码项目.每页显示10条.
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    1. kcdda2mp3 - It's a really easy-to-use front-end to programs like cdda2wav and bladeenc intended to convert an audio CD to mp3 files. It allows to access to the online CD database (freedb) to get disk's name and songs' names.

    kcdda2mp3是一个为类似cdda2wav 和 bladeenc这样的程序提供的一个易于使用的前台,旨在将音频CD转换为mp3文件。它支持访问在线CD数据库(freedb)以取得盘片的名称和歌曲的名称。
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kcddda2mp3/ 

    2. FFmpeg - FFMpeg is a complete and free Internet live audio and video broadcasting solution for Linux/Unix. It also includes a digital VCR. It can encode in real time in many formats including MPEG1 audio and video, MPEG4, h263, ac3, asf, avi, real, mjpeg, and flash.
    FFMpeg是一个完全和自由的为Linux/Unix的Internet实时音频和视频广播解决方案。它还包括一个数字化VCR,可以在实时加密许多格式包括MPEG1音频和视频,MPEG4, h263, ac3, asf, avi, real, mjpeg,和flash。 

    3. Akacia Rip-Pack - Akacia Rip-Pack is the easiest all-in-one and fully automated rip-pack that supports : - Angle Selection - 1 or 2 pass (automated) DivX Pro 5.0.2 (required) encoding - Deinterlacing - IVTC - Imag

    Akacia Rip-Pack这是一个最简单的完全自动化的rip-pack,它支持:Angle Selection 1或2个(自动化)DivX Pro 5.0.2(需要)编码- Deinterlacing - IVTC - Imag
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/akacia/ 

    4. Vcd Pycoder - Vcd Pycoder is a graphical front-end to transcode, mplayer, vcdimager, and other video conversion tools. It is programmed in wxpython. This front-end allows the user to easily create VCD videos using transcode and burn them to CD with vcdimager and cdrdao. VcdPycoder can calculate video borders, video duration, and more. Supported languages include English and Spanish. 

    5. Konverter - About:
    Konverter is an easy to use but powerful KDE frontend for MEncoder. It helps to convert almost any video file into the most common different video formats and codecs. Beside conversion, it is able to scale and crop videos, change codec details, or just change the audio / video format of files.



    6. Gordian Knot - Gordian Knot started out as a simple bitrate calculator for DivX encoding but has evolved to become an integrated package or tool for the entire process of DivX encoding.
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gordianknot/
    Gordian Knot开始作为DivX编码的一个简单的位率计算器,但是逐渐演化为一个集成的用于完全处理DivX 编码的包或工具。 

    7. ogmtools - The ogmtools allow users to display information about (ogminfo), extract streams from (ogmdemux), merge several streams into (ogmmerge), and split (ogmsplit) Ogg files. Supported stream types include video streams from AVIs or Ogg files and Vorbis audio from Ogg files. The resulting files can be played back with mplayer or with the OggDS Direct Show filters under Windows.

    ogmtools允许用户显示关于(ogminfo)的信息,提取(ogmdemux)流,将众多的流归并到(ogmmerge)中,以及拆分(ogmsplit) Ogg文件。所支持的流类型包括AVI或Ogg文件的视频流以及Ogg文件的Vorbis音频流。所产生的文件能够用mplayer或者在Windows下用OggDS Direct Show过滤器来播放。
    来源: http://freshmeat.net/projects/ogmtools/?topic_id=119%2C127 

    8. QVCDGear - QVCDGear is a graphical frontend for the VCD conversion/extraction tool VCDGear.
    QVCDGear是一个用于VCD 变换或提取的工具(即VCDGear)的图形的前端。 

    9. NewVideoRecorder - NewVideoRecorder is a high quality video capture toolkit for Linux. It includes deep buffering of audio and video to reduce frame dropping, a smooth dropping algorithm to keep the video smooth if dropping is required, and dynamic stretching of the audio stream to exactly match the video stream. It can use v4l1 and v4l2 devices as video sources, and OSS devices as an audio source. It can produce QuickTime, AVI, NuppelVideo 0.52 files, MPEG-1 files, and all files supported by ffmpeg (through the ffmpeg library).
    NewVideoRecorder是一个用于Linux的高质量的视频捕获工具包。它包括视频和音频的深度缓冲,用此减少帧下降;如果需要下降,有一个平滑的下降算法来保持视频平滑,音频流的动态拉伸以确切地匹配视频流。它可以用v4l1 和v4l2装置作为视频源,用 OSS 装置作为一个音频源。它能产生 QuickTime, AVI, NuppelVideo 0.52 文件, MPEG-1文件,和被   ffmpeg支持的所有文件(通过 ffmpeg库)。 

    10. AcidRip - AcidRip is an automated frontend for MPlayer/Mencoder written in Perl, using Gtk::Perl for a graphical interface. It makes encoding a DVD just a one-button click!
    AcidRip 是一个自动化的前端,用于MPlayer/Mencoder,用Perl编写,把 Gtk::Perl用于一个图形接口。它使编译DVD仅仅需要单键完成! 

    共有 14 个源码项目.每页显示10条.
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