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    1. Online Real Football - it's project for football. it must more then just manager. user can choose his role - footballer, manager, coach and ...

    Online Real Football是一个足球项目,它不仅仅是管理器,用户可以选择他的角色-足球队员、管理员、教练等等

    2. The Keep - The Keep: freeware real-time strategy game. Build your own medieval castle and defend it against incoming hords. Similar to Stronghold and Settlers. Full 3D environment.
    The Keep:免费即时战略游戏。建造你自己的中世纪的城堡并抵御入侵的敌人。类似Stronghold 和Settlers。全3D环境。

    3. UofT RoboCup AI Team - This project contains the software used by the University of Toronto RoboCup team for controlling a team of robots to compete, against another such team, in a real time soccer environment.

    这个项目包含了 University of Toronto RoboCup团队控制机器人所使用的软件,这队机器人可以和其它类似机器人在一个实时足球比赛环境中竞争。
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/utrobocupai/ 

    4. Quantum Star SE - Q-S SE is a browser based space strategy game with Mining, Trading, Clans, and Space Warfare played in real time. Developed as an easy-to-install web based game, and requiring no user downloads, Q-S is developed to run on most PHP enabled servers.

    Quantum Star SE是一个基于浏览器的空间策略游戏,可以采矿、贸易、结盟、以及进行实时的空间战争。它被开发为一个易于安装的基于Web的游戏,不需要用户下载,Q-S可以在大多数支持PHP的服务器上运行。
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/quantumstar/ 

    5. FreeCraft real-time strategy game engine - This is a free cross-platform real-time strategy game engine. It is possible to play over LAN, internet or against the computer and to build C&C, W*rCr*ft, St*rCr*ft or AOE like RTS games with it. Currently only a W*rCr*ft II compatible theme is availabl
    FreeCraft是一个免费的跨平台实时策略游戏引擎。可以通过LAN,Internet或单个计算机进行游戏,可以用它建造像 C&C, W*rCr*ft, St*rCr*ft 或 AOE之类的RTS游戏。目前只有一个兼容W*rCr*ft 的游戏可用。

    6. Freeciv - Freeciv is a multiplayer strategy game, released under the GNU General Public License.
    It is generally comparable with Civilization II&reg;, published by Microprose&reg;


    7. Tile based game lib: isometric/rectangul - Tile based games graphics library. Platform independant (relatively), 8 map layers, animated tiles, uses SDL and OpenGL, fast and easy to use.

    Tile based game lib是一个基于局部区块的游戏图像库,平台独立的(相对),8个地图层,动画区块,使用SDL和OpenGL,运行速度快,易于使用。
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tilelib/ 

    8. CityScape - OpenGL/SDL open-storyline flying car-sim game life in the City. survive. inspired by Elite/Frontier series, Grand Theft Auto, Flashback...

    CityScape开放故事情节的自由的城市赛车的模拟游戏。从Elite/Frontier series, Grand Theft Auto, Flashback...得到启发。
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cityscape/ 

    9. Worst Case Scenario - A real time strategy game that is based on a boardgame similar to "RISC" but with graphic visualisation of "DUNE 2". Its main prurpose is to explore novell techniques in AI and multimedia.

    Worst Case Scenario是一个实时策略游戏,基于类似于"RISC"的纸牌游戏,但带有"DUNE 2"可视化风格的图形界面。它的主要目的是使用AI和多媒体中的新技术。
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wcs-jabe/ 

    10. Talon - This is a configurable strategy wargame, inspired by the X-COM series of games. Extra features will be available, and much of the game can be customised.

    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/talon/ 

    共有 62 个源码项目.每页显示10条.
    <1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7>
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