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About CoSoft
    A brief introduction about CoSoft

Full name known as “Co-Create Software Branch of Chinese Software Industry Association” and generally called “Co-Create Software League”, the English abbreviation of this Association is CoSoft. Initiated, legally registered and established in Feb. of 2000 by institutions and individuals that are determined to revive Chinese software industry, it is a nonprofit software technology league. It is made up of members, the Council and executing bodies.

Objectives of this Association (1) to become one of the key R&D means for Chinese foundation software and provide enterprises or users developing application software and systems with low-cost common foundation software and high-quality technical services; (2) to become the incubating environment to optimize open source software (OSS) so as to provide an open environment for innovative software technologies to rapidly develop and grow, provide software developers with an arena to share achievements and a channel to cooperate and exchange information and promote the development environment for OSS technological services; (3) to become a new reference system for software evaluation and participate in shaping related domestic software standards for the purpose of promoting advanced software technologies; (4) to launch international cooperation on OSS and assist in promoting domestic OSS integrated to the world.

The aim of this Association is to achieve intelligence and effectively spread achievements via flexible open source strategies, promote rapid development and growth of innovative software technologies and promote Chinese software industry to develop in leaps and bounds with advanced mechanism.

As a nonprofit software technology association, it has made positive explorations and innovations on the operation mechanism side. On the one hand, it has totally inherited OSS developed internationally with several hundred billions of US$ and on the other, guided strategically by the National 863 Program, it organized R&D of currently lacking but urgently needed software plus integration and opened them based upon the League licensing rules.

The following services are projected to be undertaken

1. Publishing-- (1) Promote and publish open source foundation software and assist enterprises in promoting related open source foundation software and value-added development and application achievements based on demands from CoSoft member enterprises. (2) Compile teaching materials on OSS and spread OSS-related knowledge.

2. Information consultation—Brief members on latest industry information via web site and other possible channels; provide reference information for members to know OSS; create opportunities to strengthen exchanges and cooperation among members; facilitate members to know and release needed market information and services.

3. Training certification—The Association will undertake the following training and certification services step by step via a variety of means: conduct corresponding software education, training and qualification certification based upon different open source software; conduct evaluation and certification of the qualities and performances of specific OSS products and issue corresponding certificates.

The following are co-sponsors for CoSoft(Arranged in Chinese phonetic alphabet order):
Beida Jade Bird Group
Computer Department of Beijing University
Network Management Research Center of Beijing Jiaotong University
Computer Department of Beijing University of Aeronautics. & Astronautics
Boshi Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Powerise Group
NeuSoft Group
Computer Department of Fudan University
Dept. Of Computer, National University of Defense Technology
National Multimedia Software Engineering Center
Computer Department of Harbin Industrial University
Computer World
Langchao Group
Department of Computer Science and Technology of Nanjing University
Computer Department of Tsinghua University
Tsinghua Unisplendour Investment Consultation Co.
Computer Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Sichuan Top Group Scientific & Technolog
Shenyang Neu-Alpine Software Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Da Meng Database Ltd.
Wuhan University Software Base
Wuhan Wuda huaruan(Huoju) Industries Co. Ltd.
Hope Group
UFsoft Group
Computer Department of Zhejiang University
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science
CASS International Inc., Chinese Academy of Science
Software Engineering Center, Chinese Academy of Science
Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science

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