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    1. AspectSharp - .NET AOP Framework - AspectSharp is an AOP ( Aspect Oriented Programming ) framework for the .NET .

    AspectSharp - 是为.NET 平台提供的一个AOP(面向Aspect 编程)的框架。
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/aspectsharp/ 

    2. Osimplay - Osimplay is a 386 assembler with Forth and C-like conveniences like "print", reentrant procedures, data "clumps", arrays, execution arrays, a nice Linux syscall format, etc. 

    3. JSEU - Java AS400 RPG source code editor, debugger, IDE.

    JSEU是Java AS400 RPG 源代码编辑器、调试器和IDE。
    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jseu/ 

    4. D Parser - The D Parser is a scannerless GLR parser generator based on the Tomita algorithm. It is self-hosted and very easy to use. Grammars are written in a natural style of EBNF and regular expressions and support both speculative and final actions.
    D Parser是一个非扫描仪的 GLR分析程序生成器,它基于 Tomita算法。它本身就是主机,很容易使用。Grammar用EBNF和规则表达式的普通格式编写,Grammar既支持摧测性又支持最后操作。 

    5. YASM - About:
    YASM is a complete rewrite of the NASM assembler. It is designed from the ground up to allow for multiple syntaxes to be supported (e.g., NASM, TASM, GAS, etc.) in addition to multiple output object formats. Another primary module of the overall design is an optimizer module.



    6. MMIX assembler/simulator - 一种MMIX汇编和模拟器。 

    7. InstantJ - InstantJ is a library you can use to compile and execute Java code or evaluate expressions written in Java (no pre-compile). This is ideal in cases where expressions are assembled programmatically, read from descriptors or received from an end-user.

    来源: http://sourceforge.net/projects/instantj/ 

    8. Chivas - Chivas is a didactic assembler for the didactic Von Neumann Virtual Machine VOV.
    Chivas 是didactic Von Neumann Virtual Machine VOV的汇编器。 

    9. ASPA - About:
    ASPA attempts to automate the process of translating ASP pages into PHP. The supported languages are JScript and VBScript.



    10. Blop - Blop is the exploratory prototype for the Tellulary Operating Environment (TOE). TOE's design goal is to be a very simple, friendly, and safe platform which can be easily and efficiently emulated with modern computers. Blop is being developed in parallel with the TOE specification so all design choices can be tested by implementation.
    Blop 是Tellulary Operating Environment (TOE)的一个探测原型,TOE的设计目标是提供一个可以简单、友好、安全地模拟计算机的平台,Blop正按TOE规范开发,所以所有的设计选择均可被实现。 

    共有 132 个源码项目.每页显示10条.
    <1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <9> <10> <11> <12> <13> <14>
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